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Pet Movers (S) Pte. Ltd. provides a complete service for clients wishing to export their pets from Singapore. We have extensive experience with, & an in-depth knowledge of overseas import regulations & quarantine requirements, gained in our 30 years of animal transportation and the relocation of thousands of pets all around the world.

We can arrange all your pet's travel needs - pre-export examinations and permits in Singapore, airline freight reservations and the documentation and certification necessary for your pet's arrival in your new destination. We are abreast of the constantly changing international importation and quarantine laws, we liaise with veterinarians both in Singapore & overseas, with airline personnel and quarantine facilities to ensure the speedy and safe journey & arrival of your pet in your new home.

Nor do we confine ourselves to cats and dogs - we have transported rabbits, hamsters, terrapins, horses & chinchillas to name just a few ...

As the importation requirements and laws of different countries are so diverse, it is not practical to list everything that is necessary for the smooth exportation of animals overseas. However, there are some constant requirements that are necessay before your pet is allowed to leave Singapore:

Health Certificate

an original certificate, issued by a private or government veterinarian, stating that "the pet is healthy and free from any contagious or infectious disease at the time of examination". Please note that the date of examination must not be more than 7 days from the date of export from Singapore.

Vaccination Card

a vaccination certificate certifying all routine vaccinations (& if required by the country of destination, Rabies vaccination) are current and complete.

Dog Licence

a valid and current Singapore dog licence (not applicable to cats) must be presented to the Animal and Veterinary Service, NParks Singapore prior to the issuance of an export permit.

Export Permit

an Export License issued by the Animal and Veterinary Service, NParks Singapore.

Please view our Export Control Form here, complete it, and return it to us by fax or post. We will forward you our quotation for the necessary services, and assist in all ways possible to ensure that your and your pet's move from Singapore is as trouble-free as possible.


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