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  • all dogs 3 months or older must be licensed. Licence fees are $15 for a sterilised dog, & $90 for intact dogs. 
  • the dog licence must be renewed yearly
  • private premises are allowed to have up to 3 dogs - if you wish to keep more than 3, written permission is required from the Director-General of the Animal and Veterinary Service, NParks Singapore
  • HDB premises are allowed only one dog of an approved breed.
  • all dogs must be properly leashed and controlled in a public place. Category A & B dogs must also be muzzled whilst in public.
  • Animal and Veterinary Service, NParks Singapore must be informed if there is a change of ownership, change of address or if the animal has been lost or has died.
  • dogs should not be allowed to cause nuisance (excessive barking, defaecating in public places, biting, chasing cars etc.) or the licence may be revoked or renewal disallowed.


  • cats are not permitted as pets in HDB premises.

For information on the laws or the importation or export of pets or domestic animals other than cats and dogs please contact us by email at: info@petmovers.com.sg



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